ENROLMENT DAYS - Saturday 17th September & Sunday 18th September - London Muslim Centre

We will be happy to take any questions and enquiries on the day. If you are unable to make it on any of the days, we also have an online enrolment form where you can apply and make the payments for the programme. 


When and Where:

Saturday 17th September

Sisters - Maryam Centre (3rd Floor)

Brothers - London Muslim Centre, Ground Floor Lobby

Sunday 18th September

Sisters - London Muslim Centre, (3rd Floor)

Brothers - London Muslim Centre, Ground Floor Lobby


Note: We will still be enrolling students passed this date. Please visit our admissions page or contact us for more information.

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Special Guests Speakers confirmed for C&L Advice sessions.

Posted November 12th, 2015



22nd November, 2015 -

Aspiring Minds look forward to welcoming Ismail Jeilani, the Founder of Satifs, to deliver a constructive and valuable talk on 'Time Management'. The entrepreneur and educational instructor has spent 6 years teaching and helping in developing a syllabus that is now used internationally. He has a degree in Political Economy from King’s College London and is now set to join Google as an Associate Account Strategist.


To find out more about 'Satifs', visit https://www.satifs.com/


29nd November, 2015 -

We are excited to announce that we will be having Dr Shafiul Amin over at Aspiring Minds to deliver a session on 'Lofty Aspirations'. The Doctor studied Medicine at the prestigious King's College London and is currently working and rotating in general practice medicine. During his time at university, he served as the President of the Islamic Society and was involved with medical student representation. He has led on multiple Muslim community based projects such as S4S, regional health campaigns in inner-city London and medical relief work abroad.

Founder of uhDesign, Usman Haroon confirmed for C&L Advice sessions.

Posted December 5th, 2015


13th December, 2015 -

Usman is a medical student at King’s College London (KCL). He founded uhDesign and quickly amassed an advertising design portfolio with an impressive range of clients, including student societies and national conferences. He will be holding a C&LA session on the 12th of December to talk about how students can go on and develop their hobbies into something they can receive an income from.


Bahath release their latest blog post featuring Aspiring Minds

Posted January 16th, 2016


15th January, 2016 -


"Every parent agrees it’s imperative for their child to have a vision in life. Something great to aspire to. For the Muslim youth, an Islamic perspective is crucial in underpinning all aspects of their education, which forms the fundamental ethos behind tuition and development centre Aspiring Minds. If, like I, you happen to be a student on a quest to unite contrasting realms of scholarship; look no further. This unique non-profit venture has built a professional syllabus alongside industry experts in combining a rigorous spiritual, academic and career orientated programme for teens who’d otherwise not get the same attention or breadth of curriculum which so many schools fail to offer.,,"


To read more, visit: http://www.bahath.co/aspiring-minds


3rd Floor, London Muslim Centre

46 Whitechapel Road,

London, E1 1JX