"If you think education is expensive,

try estimating the cost of ignorance"


Howard Gardner

As a non-profit education service, we are able to run Aspiring Minds through the time and efforts of hard-working and committed volunteers. This means that every penny is used for the benefit of our students, and we can keep our costs as low as possible, whilst providing a quality service. 


Due to spaces being limited, preference is given to those who commit to the termly or year payment.


Start: September, End: March.

30 weeks in total 

£25.00 per Week

Value at an estimated £5.00/hr,

£25.00 x 30 weeks: £750.00 in total

£25.00 x 24 weeks: £600.00 in total

£275.00 per Term

Value at an estimated £4.58/hr,

  £275.00 x 2 terms (12 weeks each)

 £550.00 in total

SAVE: £50.00

£525.00 single payment

Value at an estimated £4.38/hr,

£525.00 x 1 Year (whole 24 weeks): £525.00 in total

SAVE: £75.00

Please contact our admin team if you would like to discuss paying option 2 or 3 in instalments.

3rd Floor, London Muslim Centre

46 Whitechapel Road,

London, E1 1JX