We provide group targetted intervention,

making all the difference for students struggling in larger mainstream classroom settings.


We are a unique non-profit education service, based in East London since 2015.


Aspiring Minds offers a wholistic and uplifting approach to education,

where we encourage our students to strive for excellence in contemporary academia, as well as Islamic morals and etiquettes.

We believe that every student has the potential to be great; but potential without guidance and nurturing is fruitless.

We therefore incorporate a spiritual development programme in addition to 'Careers and Life Advice' workshops into our curriculum,

where professionals and students from Russel Group universities act as mentors and role models for our students.

Aspiring Minds was taken and developed from the project formally known as 'Food4Thought',

which worked to tackle many of the same issues that we aim to deal with, and more.

This allows us to use the experiences from individuals who delivered this project previously,

to provide an improved, updated and reliable service.

"Every student

has the potential to be great;

but potential

without guidance and nurturing

is fruitless."

A spiritual development programme

is incorporated into our curriculum, focusing on instilling the characteristics of an ideal Muslm.


Students are given the rare opportunity to engage with professionals from a range of fields, and take part in workshops designed to equip students with invaluable and transferable skills.

We promote an environment where students are inspired and guided to have lofty aspirations and to go on to fulfil their ambitions.



" The pursuit of knowledge is never-ending. The day you stop seeking knowledge is the day you stop growing."   - Brandon Travis. C


" In my view, a successful teacher is the teacher who nurtures students. Those who merely fill the minds of youth and students with knowledge without giving them proper direction, then this is inadequate."   - Ibn 'Uthaymin (rh)     

3rd Floor, London Muslim Centre

46 Whitechapel Road,

London, E1 1JX